Fred’s Book Cafe

The long wait is over. Fred’s Book Cafe is finally back with a new and improved appearance and menu. Still located at Remolador Street near the University of Bohol (Fred’s Book Cafe Exact Location) This unique cafe is a hub for reading enthusiasts with their floor-to-ceiling collection of books ranging from different genres that the patrons could enjoy.

The aesthetic of the cafe changed into a much modern and innovative vibe. With a color scheme that makes you feel at home and comfortable. The entire concept and design of the cafe is really instagram-worthy. Perfect for your selfies, flatlays, and vogue shots.

LRM_EXPORT_13966645106129_20190125_174550746 (1).jpeg


The menu was also revamped and new dishes were added. The dishes that I tried were a part of the new menu, which were the coffee halo-halo and pork belly rice bowl. The coffee halo-halo was a melt in your mouth goodness. It consisted of coffee ice cream, and jelly, with a good drizzle of chocolate syrup on top. The flavors where not overwhelming and the coffee was just right, which was terrific. This dessert is perfect for coffee and halo-halo lovers.


On the other hand, the pork belly rice bowl was scrumptious. The pork was tender and it was well-seasoned. The flavors really made the pork belly the star of the show. Plus the addition of the sides, which were the pickled papaya and boiled egg, helped highlight the mouth-watering pork belly.

The dishes that I bought were #studentbudgetfriendly with the total of both items not exceeding 300 pesos and with the food being that good it was really worth the price.

Fred’s crew were commendable with their work ethics. They were really attentive towards what the customers needed and wanted. They were kind enough to take photos of me and my friends, without hesitation.

All-in-all, It is a place where you can get sucked inside a book, with good and delicious food that are not heavy on the wallet to accompany you. A place worth visiting!

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